Life in Livingston, TX

I never could resist the call of the trail — Buffalo Bill

Livingston, Texas was nowhere on our itinerary. Not to begin with. And then, I wasn’t even going to blog about it. Until we made a discovery…

Livingston is the home of an RVing club called Escapees. They provide a lot of member services, including a mail forwarding service. We are using that service, and since we now have a Texas address, we needed to register and title the vehicles. That also meant that a vehicle inspection was necessary, as well as obtaining a Texas drivers license. Besides their national headquarters, Escapees runs the RV park where we stayed. They are oh-so-helpful with all of this, so, we spent several days there, and became Texas’s newest residents.

There wasn’t a whole lot to do besides business. Things are usually hopping at this Escapees park with many activities and events, but everything was shut down for COVID. So, one afternoon we went over to Lake Livingston State Park. Below are some pictures. This lake was formed by damming up the Trinity River, and supplies the drinking water for Houston, some 80 miles distant.

The park ranger advised us that most of the trails were muddy at best and flooded at worst due to recent rains, so we checked out the Piney Woods Boardwalk Trail, which is pictured at the very top.

I wasn’t ready to go back to the RV park yet, so I talked Cal into driving over the dam. That was the discovery of the day! Behind the dam power plant there was a gazebo for watching bazillions of gallons of water go over the dam, and as it happened, there was a bird-a-palooza feeding frenzy going on. We saw pelicans, black cormorants, sea gulls, cranes, blue herons and in massive quantities. The fishing must have been awesome. We just stood there and looked and looked. The pelicans from Rend Lake, Illinois must have followed me here!

Blue herons walking in step and supervised by a crane and a black cormorant

We also enjoyed a couple of afternoon bike rides. The park opened up onto some quiet country roads that were blessedly flat. I found some very friendly horses who came right up to me to say Hi.

It was fun to watch the wisteria come into bloom over the course of a few days.

We liked that our site opened up onto a dry camping area, that was really just a field, so we had no neighbors there. On the other side of the field was another service that Escapees offered, a place for RVer’s to get their rigs and vehicles weighed. It wasn’t super busy and provided us with some mealtime entertainment out our window. We were weighed ourselves, and are happy to report that we were safely not overweight.

First the tow vehicle gets weighed, then the trailer, and then both together. They also measure height. Lastly, there is a big conference at the picnic table to discuss everything.

We were so curious to know if this outfit was overweight. I do not think I would want to be driving this choo-choo train. But I do think the little blue car would be fun to zip around town in!

Next time – Galveston!

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