My name is Julia and my husband is Cal. We are recent retirees from the St. Louis, Missouri, USA area. In our previous life I was an accountant and Cal was in IT. We have 2 daughters, one who is married and lives in Denver, and the other who resides in Austin with her boyfriend. Our daughter in Denver and her wife have two children. We are doting grandparents!

Until February of 2020, we lived in a big 4 bedroom, three level house. We downsized to a 2 bedroom apartment, and two weeks in, COVID hit everyone’s lives. Neither the sale nor the downsizing had anything to do with COVID, but was all part of a larger plan. Because of COVID, the “someday” plan of purchasing a 5th wheel, and a truck to pull it, became reality. We wanted the view out of our windows to constantly change, so we let go of the apartment and set out fulltime in our RV in March of 2021.

There are many things that both Cal and I enjoy together:  traveling, bike riding, walking and hiking. We both enjoy a good dinner and the interesting people that we meet around us while we are parked. I like to dabble in several things: sporadically learning Spanish and German, reading, cross-stitching and embroidery work, postcards, picture archiving, and writing. We like interesting company and good conversation. Cal likes to be outside, puttering with the RV and truck, or checking out whatever’s going on from his lawn chair. He may be an aspiring fly fisherman if we ever park somewhere where the conditions are absolutely perfect for it.

What in the heck is a “Twosna”? Well, it’s the pronunciation of our last name, but not the spelling. There would be many ways to phonetically write it, but there are two of us so it works. Just start out by saying “twos” and then “na” and you’ve got it!

We’re on a voyage of discovery. What will our future look like? What do new places look like, and the world, after COVID? What is life in a 34 foot RV on the road all about, and will we ever leave the RV to travel elsewhere? Come along with us to find out!