Taking to the Road – Colorado Bound

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We’re very thankful to have an RV. With the pandemic, there would have been no other way to safely see our grandson and his parents this fall. It was exciting taking Sam and Frodo on our first real road trip, about 900 miles away to Denver. The per-day mileage was approximately 425 miles each way for two days, which is at the upper limit for a day’s travel. A travel day pulling an RV is longer than one in a car. The truck and 5th wheel together move slower, for one thing – a great lumbering beast going down the highway – and it is tiresome for the driver. Every stop along the way takes a little more time, and there are more stops for gas, at approximately 14 miles per gallon. I’m still working, and allocating precious vacation days, so spreading the trip out over more days was impossible.

Road trippin’ in Kansas

The picture of Cherry Creek State Park at the top is not mine, but from a postcard. You’d have to sit in the middle of the lake on a very clear day to get that view! The dam obscures the the city behind it. Still, it’s a pretty park, a bubble of an oasis in the south-eastern suburbs of Denver. We were assigned one site for one night, and then we moved to another for the next six. After walking all the camping loops in the park, we decided we liked our site the best. Was that because we were in it?

Our site at Cherry Creek State Park

The park has so much to do. The big draw, of course, is the lake, and there is a large beach and also a marina. But in addition to that, there are numerous trails for biking, hiking, and strolling, and a natural wetlands preserve. We had been here for a Sunday afternoon hike before, but this time we honestly did not explore the park much. Our bikes never got off the rack, and it’s a perfect park for that. It’s unusual for us, but we were busy with our little grandson! Because of Covid-19, it had been 9 long months since we’d seen him, and he had just had his first birthday. We did get take a enjoyable walk outside of our campground one morning.

It was beginning to look like fall, for sure. This very bright tree was near our first site where we stayed only one night.
A view of Cherry Creek Lake and marina from the beach
Hazy mountains, because of forest fires to the west and north
Our resident turkey
Magpies are a common bird in the park

One morning, a cyclist stopped in front of our site and started talking about RV’s with Cal. I joined them for the end of the conversation after I saw our daughter and grandson off after a big breakfast. It was a encounter we may have forgotten about, until later in the morning our daughter said she had talked to this cyclist’s wife! She is a colleague of hers that she doesn’t know well and has hardly spoken to. They’d had a Zoom meeting that morning and there was a breakout session where she was paired with this woman, and they started chatting. Heather shared that her folks were staying in an RV in Cherry Creek SP, and the other woman thought that was interesting because her husband had just talked to some very nice RVers that morning at Cherry Creek! They were David and Kerry, who were in market for an RV and really wanted to look inside one. We invited them over one evening for a tour, socially distant with masks on of course, until we all took this picture together. It’s a small world, indeed! I hope by now they have made their purchase and we wish them well.

Of course, it was all about our grandson Teddy, and his Moms of course, for that week. Getting away from work in the RV was the extra bonus. We greatly enjoyed our time there with them and our stay at Cherry Creek.

The fireplace is so fascinating!
Teddy’s second picnic ever

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